Left: Hummingbird
Upper Right: White Crowned Sparrow
Lower Right: American Goldfinch
Photo Credits: Tung Chee

The San Francisco Bay Area Network contains an extensive assortment of bird habitat that spans the entire central California Coast. Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Point Reyes National Seashore encompass 160,000 acres of wild areas and diverse habitats, enabling the parks to host a wide array of landbirds – 129 species in total. Pinnacles National Park also contains large areas of undisturbed chaparral, woodlands, and riparian corridors that provide critical habitat for 180 species of central coast birds.

Landbirds have been monitored through a partnership with Point Blue Conservation Science through periodic sampling at different park sites. The data they collected has been synthesized into the two-page resource briefs and more in-depth reports available from the links on the upper right side of this page.