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Develop expansion models for invasive perennial grasses

Develop expansion models for invasive perennial grasses, specifically tall fescue, Festuca arundinacea and Harding grass, Phalaris aquatica and South African veldt grasses (Ehrharta sp.).

Diversity in the absence of grazing

What species occur in the absence of cattle grazing?

Effectiveness of mowing on ranches to control nonnative thistles

How effective is mowing at controlling nonnative thistles? Research should result in site specific prescriptions for thistle control that can be implemented by local ranchers.

Native grass seed use in pastures

Many ranches use nonnative grass seed on their pastures. Can native grass seed be used in pasture improvement to increase native species cover, richness, and biomass?

Oblong spurge control trials

Conduct herbicide and other treatment trials on oblong spurge. Conduct grassland restoration trials to follow oblong spurge control.

Seasonal grazing

Can seasonal/rotational grazing increase coastal prairie native species diversity?