Top Left: Seed Ecologist planting Raven's manzanita
Bottom Left: Seedlings in an organic fertilizer trial
Top Right: Experimental germination media mixes
Bottom Right: Greenhouse


Click to view the Nursery Locations Google MapThe Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC) operates six native plant nurseries in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. These nurseries aim to produce genetically appropriate, healthy, weed and pathogen free plants for habitat restoration efforts in the park while having the smallest possible environmental impact. The nurseries have grown more than 400 native plant species, and they usually produce around 170,000 individual plants each year.

Research and experimentation has played a key role to improve efficiency of resources used and overall sustainability of nursery production. Areas of research have included exploring alternatives to peat based germination media, testing different types of organic fertilizers and improving seed germination methods for a number of native plants.

There is much more to learn about sustainable nursery practices, and on-going research at the nurseries is critical for informing decisions and putting new information into immediate practice. 

Check out various GGNPC Nurseries resources and research projects on the attached pages.