Products and Projects for Birds at Point Reyes National Seashore

The following is a list of product types for which products exist in this topic.

MultimediaAudio, video and/or slide show presentations5

Species ListLists of species in a particular category (e.g. plants or butterflies) for a given park1

BrochureTwo-page foldable publications meant to be a transportable way to educate the public about the parks and their resources3

Fact SheetOne or two-page documents describing a particular program or resource1

Seasonal UpdateA short update on the status of a particular resource provided by some of the park monitoring programs throughout the field season34

Resource BriefTwo-page documents summarizing status, trends, monitoring, or research related to specific resources10

GlossaryA list of terms defined1

ReportA broad category that includes things like annual and five-year, project, and monitoring reports that are fairly in-depth and technical29

ProtocolA comprehensive description of the methods and procedures used to collect information for a project3

Management DocumentDocuments that guide the decision-making process at parks and protected areas5
The following is a list of projects which exist for this topic.