Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center

Upper Left Photo: Education Program: Photo Credit: Jessica Weinberg, NPS;
Upper Right Photo: Research: Photo Credit: Jessica Weinberg, NPS;
Bottom Photo: Research: Mason Cummings, NPS

The Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center (PCSLC) is one of 20 Research Learning Centers across the country. These centers strive to increase science in the national parks and communicate research results through:

  • Facilitating the use of parks for scientific inquiry
  • Supporting science-informed decision making
  • Communicating relevance and providing access to research knowledge
  • Promoting resource stewardship through partnerships

Research Learning Centers are field stations for many collaborative research activities, providing researchers with laboratory, office space, dormitory facilities and access to park research priorities and scientists. Each center's education specialist works with park interpreters and partners to make new information about park resources available to the public and park management. We also provide hands-on learning experiences that connect researchers with learners of all ages.

Each year, Bay Area National Parks host over 150 research projects, providing invaluable information to the park for science-based management. In 2009 alone, over 25 peer-reviewed publications emanated from research done at Point Reyes. NPS relies on this high-quality research to help ensure that we are taking the best possible care of these public lands.

For questions regarding the PCSLC, its programs, or how to do your research in the parks please see the links to the right. If you still have questions please contact the center’s director:

Ben Becker, Ph.D.
Director and Marine Ecologist

(415) 464-5187