Research in the San Francisco Bay Area Network of Parks. Photo Credits: Top Left: Jessica Weinberg, NPS; Top Right: Mason Cummings, NPS; Bottom: NPS.

The Pacific Coast Science and Learning Center was developed to encourage scientific information sharing, facilitate research efforts, and provide opportunities for the public to learn about national parks. National Park Service units and other protected areas provide unique opportunities for scientific research because these areas are preserved and protected, and can be studied as reference points for comparisons with similar, altered environments. Research contributes to the understanding of the San Francisco Bay Area’s natural and cultural resources and is used for planning, management, and sharing with partners and the public.

Researchers may apply for an NPS Research and Collecting Permit to conduct studies in any of the San Francisco Bay Area parks. If you are working with plants or animals, you may also require state and/or federal permits. NPS permits generally take 6-12 weeks to process, while state permits may take considerably longer.

Please contact Ben Becker if you are interested in utilizing a high school intern to assist with fieldwork.

Additional information about research permit conditions and logistics is available by park unit: