Resources & Links

NPS Research Permit and Reporting System - The NPS portal for applying for research permits and submitting Investigator's annual Reports. This site also contains basic information about conducting research in any NPS Park, parks' research needs, and a database of past and present research being done in the parks.

NPS San Francisco Bay Area Network Inventory and Monitoring Program - Provides information and data from the Bay Area Netowrk's natural resource inventory and monitoring programs.

NPS Libraries - Links to NPS Libraries and to the NPS Voyager Catalog, which contains records for published books and reports contained in participating Park library collections. 

NPS Focus - An archive catalog containing a growing collection of digitized images, documents, drawings and maps about the cultural and natural resources maintained by the National Park Service.

NPS Museum Collections - A growing catalog of National Park Service museum collections representing archeology; ethnology; history (including art and archives); biology; paleontology and geology.

NPS Digital Image Archives - If you're looking for images of national parks, monuments, battlefields and historic sites, you'll find them here.

NPS Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) - A collection of tools for finding and displaying NPS data.

NPS Data Store - The NPS-wide repository for documents, publications, and data sets that are related to NPS natural and cultural resources.

NPSpecies - Documents the occurrence and status of species in national parks.

NPS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - National Park Service GIS information, data, applications and educational materials are available here.