Upper Left Photo Credit: Tung Chee
Bottom Left: Brown Pelican; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Bottom Center: California Gull; Photo Credit: Will Elder, NPS
Right: Elegant Tern; Photo Credit: Will Elder, NPS

In addition to the region’s dozen or so breeding seabirds, another 35 species of migrant seabirds are regular visitors to the north-central Pacific Coast and its offshore islands. About 25 additional species of seabirds have been recorded rarely or as vagrants in the area. The region's widely varying marine environment and diversity of species offers boundless opportunities for researchers to better understand marine habitats and how they are affected by human activities. Current threats to seabird populations migrating through the region include effects of contaminants from San Francisco Bay, competition with commercial and recreational fishing, low-level or “chronic” oil pollution, and ingestion of plastics in the ocean.